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On Tuesday 25th of September around 6:05pm in The Ridgeway. Graffiti has been sprayed onto a property.

Crime Report No. YY/035127/18 - Posted 2018-09-27

On Saturday 15th of September between 3:00pm and 4:00pm in Faraday Ride. Person/s attempted to gain access to a vehicle parked on a drive. They ran off when they realised they had been seen.

Crime Report No. YY/033602/18 - Posted 2018-09-17

Between 6:10pm on Wednesday 4th of April and 9:10am on Thursday 5th of April in White Cottage Road. A window was smashed on a Smart car parked in a driveway.

Crime Report No. YY/033266/18 - Posted 2018-09-14

Between 10:00pm on Sunday 9th of September and 6:00am on Monday 10th of September in White Cottage Road. Attempted break in to a residential property through the bathroom window. Nothing appears to have been taken.

Crime Report No. YY/032677/18 - Posted 2018-09-11

On Monday 10th of September between 4:00am and 4:45am in White Cottage Road. A residential property was broken into. Cupboards in various rooms had been searched and money, cards, driving licence and bus passes were stolen.

Crime Report No. YY/032693/18 - Posted 2018-09-11

Between 9:00pm on Monday 27th of August and 7:45am on Tuesday 28th of August in Rochester Road. A Range Rover was stolen from a driveway and later recovered by police.

Crime Report No. YY/030973/18 - Posted 2018-08-30

Between 6:00pm on Saturday 28th of July and 10:30am on Sunday 12th of August in Knight Road. Damage has been caused to items in a back garden.

Crime Report No. YY/028787/18 - Posted 2018-08-13

Between 4:30pm on Saturday 28th of July and 11:15am on Sunday 29th of July in Wheatsheaf Way. A vehicle parked on a driveway was broken into and items taken without consent.

Crime Report No. YY/026933/18 - Posted 2018-07-30


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