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bullet Hartley
On Sunday 11th of November between 6:15pm and 7:30pm in Church Road. After leaving the fireworks display the owner of a vehicle has discovered that a rear passenger side window has been shattered.

Crime Report No. 46/3670/18 - Posted 2018-11-13

bullet Hartley
On Sunday 11th of November between 6:45pm and 7:30pm in Church Lane. A vehicle was parked on church road whilst attending a fireworks display, rear passenger window has then been damaged.

Crime Report No. 46/3668/18 - Posted 2018-11-13

bullet Hartley
On Thursday 8th of November between 3:00am and 6:00am in Northfield. A taxi parked in a car park was broken into. Cash and other items were stolen.

Crime Report No. YY/180500/18 - Posted 2018-11-12

bullet Hartley
Between 5:30pm on Wednesday 7th of November and 1:30pm on Thursday 8th of November in Northfield. A Peugot 307 parked in the road was broken into and a sat-nav was stolen.

Crime Report No. YY/192700/18 - Posted 2018-11-12

bullet Hartley
On Sunday 4th of November between 4:00pm and 5:00pm in Caxton Close. A green and yellow junior Trek Bike with Trek sticker on frame was stolen from outside a residential property.

Crime Report No. YY/040100/18 - Posted 2018-11-05

bullet Hartley
Between 7:00pm on Wednesday 31st of October and 1:00pm on Thursday 1st of November in Caxton Close. A side window was smashed on a Citroen C3 parked in a car park. Nothing appears to have been taken.

Crime Report No. YY/039716/18 - Posted 2018-11-04

bullet Hartley
On Wednesday 31st of October between 8:30pm and 9:00pm in Culcroft. The back gate of a residential property was damaged.

Crime Report No. YY/039631/18 - Posted 2018-11-04

bullet Hartley
Between 6:30pm on Saturday 27th of October and 11:00am on Monday 29th of October in Caxton Close. A blue Citroen C3 parked at a residential property had a wing mirror smashed.

Crime Report No. YY/039221/18 - Posted 2018-10-30

bullet Hartley
Between 8:30pm on Wednesday 17th of October and 2:03pm on Thursday 18th of October in Church Road. A 700Litre Oil tank had been pierced and most of it stolen at a residential place which was reported by a postman.

Crime Report No. YY/037835/18 - Posted 2018-10-21

bullet Hartley
Between 5:00pm on Friday 12th of October and 8:00am on Saturday 13th of October in Ash Road. A storage unit was broken into. Nothing appears to have been taken.

Crime Report No. YY/037265/18 - Posted 2018-10-14

bullet Hartley
Between 6:30pm on Thursday 20th of September and 6:50am on Friday 21st of September in Brambledown. A Mercedes Benz Sprinter had been stolen from outside the ho.

Crime Report No. YY/034277/18 - Posted 2018-09-23

bullet Hartley
On Monday 17th of September between 12:30pm and 1:50pm in Manor Drive. A residential property was broken into. Doors were damaged and two boxes of jewellery stolen.

Crime Report No. YY/033809/18 - Posted 2018-09-19


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