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Friday 14th August 2020 - 05:10 pm

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Please note: Our volunteers have started collecting crime details again and you will see some in the next newsletter. We may not have full coverage for a little while.
Thank you for bearing with us during this difficult time.

New headlines since the last newsletter was issued...

Checked : just checked. Updated : just updated

  • Child sex abuser jailed for life
  • Car seized in Medway for being uninsured contained heroin stash
  • Two arrested following disturbance in Charing
  • Body found in search for missing Ashford woman
  • Increased patrols in public spaces and beaches
  • Sittingbourne man faked cancer to control partner

Checked : about 25 minutes ago. Updated : about 6 hours ago

  • 500 life-saving emergency trauma packs being distributed across Kent

Checked : just checked. Updated : about 6 hours ago

  • Electrical fire in Chatham
  • Woodland fire in Great Chart, Ashford

Checked : just checked. Updated : about 3 hours ago

  • Dashboard to drive recovery – new economic data goes live


Coronavirus: Are EasyJet Customers Being Duped Into Accepting Vouchers Over Refunds?

Flyers offered £10 incentive to rebook, only for flights to be cancelled hours later

Click HERE for full details on the Consumers' Association (Which?) website.

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