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Frequently Asked Questions.

What areas are in the newsletter?

The newsletter contains articles of interest to the whole of Kent from Kent Police, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, Kent County Council, West Kent NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the Consumers' Association (Which?) and alerts regarding current scams, product recalls and food issues.

Neighbourhood crimes and local council articles are listed for the West Kent Police Divisions (Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Cranbrook, Sevenoaks and Swanley), the East Kent Police Divisions (Ashford, Canterbury, Dover, Folkestone and Thanet) and the North Kent & Medway Police Divisions (Dartford, Gravesham, Medway, and Swale). These are divided into the thirteen areas shown on the left and your copy of the newsletter can be configured to include just the ones you are interested in (don't select too many, the newsletter may become too big to be delivered).

How often are newsletters circulated?

We send the newsletter to subscribers by email twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. We make the latest information available here, before it is included in the next newsletter. This website also includes details of local traffic issues (road works and other interruptions - click an area on the left then choose the Roadworks link).

We keep two months of newsletters here (the Police require us to remove older ones because the information is out of date). The individual locations (click an area on the left then choose a location) also list historic crime details for the same period.

Why hasn't my newsletter arrived?

If you have recently subscribed to the newsletter, please bear in mind that we send them out on Tuesday and Friday each week so your first one will not arrive until then.

We use a two stage registration procedure to conform with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). After signing up on the web page, we send you an email containing a link that confirms we have used the correct email address. Did you receive this email and click the link?

Check your email spam folder and your other folders to make sure the newsletter has not been misfiled. We also advise that you add admin@e-watch.co to your contact list or address book on your ISP's email system. This identifies our email as coming from a recognised and approved sender.

If you use Plusnet email to receive our newsletter, please be aware that Plusnet Protect is rejecting it as SPAM. You should follow their advice and add our email address (admin@e-watch.co) to the approved list.

If you or your organisation uses Microsoft Office 365 Outlook, we have noticed that the latest release is rejecting our newsletter because we don't have permission to send it to these addresses. Please ask your email administrator to add us (admin@e-watch.co) to the accepted list of senders.

If you use a TalkTalk hosted email account (including Tiscaly) to receive our newsletter, please be aware that TalkTalk is continually rejecting it with message TT992 (unexplained). We do not know of a solution. The high number of rejections have obliged us to conform with good email practice and remove all TalkTalk subscribers from our mailing list.

If none of those solves your problem, please email us as above and we will investigate.

Mobile Phone Users

The designer of the newsletter did not have mobile phones in mind, they didn't do emails back then. The newsletter is fairly narrow and linear so it should be OK but it does contain some quite small text that mobile phones don't handle too well. You may find turning the phone 90° into landscape mode helps.

May I send the newsletter to other people?

Please feel free to copy the newsletter email to any of your family, friends or colleagues who might be interested. We advise using "forward as attachment" (see your email client's functions for how to do this) which will retain the features of the original.

How do I change my email address or newsletter content?

Please do not ask us to change your email address, the GDPR rules do not allow us to do so. You can change your email address by logging in (using your current email address and password) then choosing Change Email from the menu. Alternatively you can unsubscribe your current email (or click the unsubscribe link in a recent newsletter) then subscribe again with your new email address.

You can change which areas are included in your copy of the newsletter by logging in (using your email address and password as advised in your welcome email). Once logged in there are also options to change your password or unsubscribe from the newsletter.