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Thursday 24th June 2021 - 09:47 am

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New headlines since the last newsletter was issued...

Checked : about 57 minutes ago. Updated : about 10 hours ago

  • Burglary in Deal
  • Attempted robbery in Canterbury toilets
  • Image released in Strood shop robbery investigation
  • Child injures neck after trap laid across path in East Malling
  • Appeal for information following robbery report in Dartford

Checked : about 17 minutes ago. Updated : about 19 hours ago

  • Nine years' imprisonment after drug exchange in Queenborough
  • Two in court following Isle of Grain shop burglary
  • Illegal waste carriers and fly-tippers targeted in north Kent
  • Seaside visitors urged to keep their distance to help wild birds flourish
  • Five men jailed following firearms investigations
  • Dover cadets help to restore military sites
  • Gillingham fraudster identified by distinctive tattoo
  • Folkestone graffiti tagger jailed for one year
  • Identity sought following Gravesend assault

Checked : about 52 minutes ago. Updated : about 15 hours ago

  • Covid-19 vaccination walk-in clinics

Checked : about 57 minutes ago. Updated : over 24 hours ago

  • Notification

Checked : about 47 minutes ago. Updated : about 17 hours ago

  • Further changes to Kent’s testing sites as more people choose to test at home
  • e-Cycle courses for adults now available in Deal and Canterbury
  • Elmer the Elephant arrives at the Kent History and Library Centre

Checked : about 47 minutes ago. Updated : about 14 hours ago

  • Recall: Mr Healthy - BBQ Soya Chips

Checked : about 1 hour ago. Updated : over 24 hours ago

  • KGN London recalls Mr Healthy BBQ Soya Chips because of undeclared peanuts


Treat Frozen Chicken Like It's Raw, Warns FSA

Food Standards Agency warning comes after a spate of salmonella cases in the UK linked to frozen chicken products

Click HERE for full details on the Consumers' Association (Which?) website.

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