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Wednesday 6th December 2023 - 04:13 am

Kent Police approve of e-watch for communications to residents of the county.

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Checked : about 10 hours ago. Updated : about 14 hours ago

  • Witnesses sought to disturbance in Folkestone
  • Man missing from Wrotham safely located

Checked : about 10 hours ago. Updated : about 12 hours ago

  • Officers charge man over Dover sexual assault
  • Axe thrown during assaults on pregnant woman in Maidstone
  • Jail for prolific thief who targeted Medway shops

Checked : about 7 hours ago. Updated : about 11 hours ago

  • Evri scam text
  • Harrods scam giveaway
  • Charles Tyrwhitt impersonation website
  • Booking.com hotel impersonation scam

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